Attendance Procedure

The following information is for Cadets AND Staff attending the Centre.


Cadets must attend ready to go boating but also have a change of clothes in case they become wet. We are not responsible for the loss of any valuables, including mobiles phones, therefore we advise that these are left at home.


Packed lunches with water bottles must be brought, there will be no provision of food and drink at the Centre.

On arrival attendees will be greeted by a member of staff at the main gates. We advise that Parents/guardians do not 'drop off' Cadets but wait until admittance has been authorised.


Those wishing to enter will have their temperature taken using an infrared forehead thermometer. If a high temperature is recorded it can re-taken ten minutes later in case there has been an alternative reason for it being high. If temperature remains high there will be no admittance.


Attendee will then be asked to sanitise hands prior to handing over T1/meds etc. Temperature will be recorded and emergency contact number taken. This will be the number of the person responsible for collecting Cadet if an emergency presents.

At the point of entry, Cadets will be allocated their “bubble” reference, ie A or B. They will remain in that Bubble for the rest of the day.

The briefings and assembly point will be in the marquee which will be marked with the Bubble reference, Cadets will be directed to this to await further instruction. Lunch and breaks will be held in this area.


Clear signage will be placed around the Centre and must be obeyed.


Once established in the Marquee, Cadets will be directed to the temporary changing rooms. These will be the classrooms upstairs in the training building (Endeavour and Endurance) and will be clearly marked. Chairs in the classroom are set out within the social distanc guidlines and must not be moved. Each Cadet will have their own chair where they can leave their personal belongings.


Only one bubble at a time will be allowed in the changing area.

The toilets in the training building will be used as a "one out one in" system. Cadets will be briefed on how this system will work. The staff toilet next to classrooms must NOT be used by Cadets.

Showers are only to be used for authorised emergencies.

Once ready for boating, buoancy aids will be issued by a member of staff. These must be worn for the full day.

The pontoon will only accommodate two Bubbles with 15 in each Bubble, this includes instructors.

Any Unit visiting for boating in evening or weekends can have a maximum of two Bubbles. However, if two Units are attending at the same time, then they may only have one Bubble per Unit.


Each member of Boat Station staff will be given a personal Covid 19 box which will contain sanitising wipes and face masks.

End of day procedures.


All boats left on the Pontoon overnight must be sanitised using the sprayer provided.

During the week activities the Champ covers will be left off overnight.

In accordance with the Sea Cadet recommendations, a member of staff must ensure that full sanitisation takes place within the toilet and changing areas. A printed guide will be available with the cleaning materials. Cadets must not be used to carry out sanitising procedures.


During the activity weeks Cadets will be ready to leave site at 1600. Those collecting Cadets must wait outside the main gates.


T1/meds will be returned to Cadets as they leave the Centre.


Floatation aids are to be sanitised and moved into the drying room by a member of the Centre staff, a system will be in place to ensure that these are not re-used within 72 hours as directed by HQ.


The training building will then be sanitised at the end of each session by a member of Centre Staff.


Covid 19 Documentation


Please also read the following Covid 19 Risk Assessments that are in place to ensure that you have a safe visit to the Centre.


DBS COVID19 RA01 - Secure Risk Assessment

DBS COVID19 RA02 - Return to boating



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