Asset Booking Form

Please use this form if you are booking assets held at The Centre, leaving blank any Assets you don't require. The Asset booking spreadsheets for 2020 and 2021 indicates the dates and numbers of assets that are currently booked out. For general Unit Parading, the boats can be booked one month ahead of the date required and should be done as near to the beginning of the month as possible so that the website can be updated with the spreadsheet. The RibCrafts are not for general use and anyone wishing to have special permission to use this must contact the Boat Station Principal or Chief Instructor, however there are two Rigiflex boats available for Unit booking. RiBs must only be used by a responsible approved person.


Boats that are to be used for accommodated courses should be booked as soon as the accommodation booking has been approved as availability cannot be guaranteed otherwise


Please fill in the mandatory top half of this form, and then click on the relevant sections that follow to indicate your requirements.

Note: *** We have added to this form sections that enable the user to request non boating assets, this is to save the user having to duplicate information if multi assets are required. The form is a request and must be approved by either the Principal, Chief Instructor, or Administrator, before using the equipment. No other persons at the Centre are authorised to grant requests to use its Assets.


**please enter carefully as replies will go to email specified.

Please now choose from the links below which part of the form you wish to fill.



Boat Booking


Classrooms; Rowing Machines, Ergo Machines

Buoyancy Aids

Adventure Training Equipment


Boat Booking

Pleasse use this section to book boats for courses or for evening parades indicating the number of boats required next to the name of the boat, and the name of the Safety Supervisor you will be using within each boating discipline. Copies of Safety Supervisor Certificates should be given to the Boat Station and updated annually in accordance with Sea Cadet Legislation.

Link to 2020 Port of Tyne Tide Tables.

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Please use this sections for booking cycles. Please note that these cannot be used by anyone who does not hold Level 1 British Mountain Bike qualification or above.


Please give a reason for your request in the box below.


There is a ratio of six cyclists to one Leader.

Please indicate the number of cycles you require in the boxes below:



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Classrooms, Rowing Machines, Ergos



Please indicate the number of Rowing or Ergo machines you require, and indicate in the comments box if these are to be taken off site. If the latter, please indicate the number of days for which you require them.


Max 2


Please indicate where these will be used, ie onsite or if offsite, where they will be taken.



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Buoyancy Aids




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AT Equipment


The following equipment is now available for use by Districts and Units wishing to carry out AT Training, free of charge. The attached documentation must be read and agreed to before filling in the form below. You will be asked to sign a paper copy of this before taking the kit away from the Centre. Maximum quantity available is written next to the boxes.



(12) (18) (12)






Pairs of Waterproof Boots:


(5) (5) (5) (5)




Waterproof Trousers:


(4) (8) (6) (4) (2)


Waterproof Jackets


(4) (8) (4) (2)







The following is for purchase only:


(24) £6.00 **


** price may change



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Other requests




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Thank you. Please now check that you are happy with your requirements then press 'submit' when done. An administrator will respond within 2 days. If you have not heard anything please Contact Us.


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